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Sure-Fire Ways To Win In 2018 With Social Media

It’s all about the attraction… even in social media marketing. Social continues to fuel impressive growth in all aspects of customer acquisition, brand awareness and retention. You simply can’t beat it for attracting and engaging the very people who are most likely to purchase your products and services. Predictions? Here are 5 for 2018:

1. Take a Moment - but be quick about it.

An authentic moment. Remember that social speaks to REAL people. So why not show REAL activities and REAL moments? It’s like shopping with your best friend and coming out of the dressing room in a hilarious outfit just to capture their true response. There’s something about spontaneous, unplanned moments that provide heightened emotional appeal and meaning to customers. Just capture them quickly before they are gone!

2.) Has Anyone Ever Told You...

You have a sexy voice? You are smart? You are fun? If so, that’s Brand-tastic. Use these types of comments to evolve your brand. Customers are always looking to see what your brand is really about - visually and in content. Taking feedback will help you consistently convey your brand‘s true spirit and voice in a fresh way and provide you with more views and interactions. 3.) Video Muscle

Video will continue its appeal and will grow more popular, and evolve in ways that are more integrated with the consumer. A few ways it will trend? Everyone will compete for relevance with video, so the best videos will be higher quality and captured quickly. We predict Augmented Reality will also become increasingly relevant to viewing audiences. 4.) Tags

#DontIgnoreMe Tags will expand your reach, target your market, amplify your brand and, of course, improve your SEO - if done correctly.. In 2018 it will be increasingly important to use hashtags to effectively spread brand awareness and connect your customers to the right information for your product.

5.) The Power of Storytelling

This is simple and sweet. Tell your brand’s story in 2018. Your creativity can be limitless. You can interject emotion or hard-hitting facts. No one can tell your brand’s story better than you.

To sum up our forecast, these are Jabberhead’s predictions for 2018. If you’re not sure how to incorporate them into your digital strategy to get a return on your investment, or just don’t have the time, give Jabberhead a shout-out.

By the way, in addition to helping businesses with digital, we’re fun to work with too.

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