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Using Social Media to Get New – And the Best Kind of Customers. Get FREE HELP THIS FRIDAY!


If you’re not marketing your business on social media you’re probably leaving revenue on the table. And, the best kind of revenue for your business – referral traffic. Here’s why…

Social media is instant word of mouth, but only if you are doing it effectively. People have endless connections, so when they see and share something about your business they like, you have the opportunity to reach all of these connections. Think about it this way, you like a page on Facebook, and then you share that information with a friend. Your friend likes it, and they share it out…and so on. All of that sharing is instant referral (potential new customers) to your business.

Social media now drives 31% of all referral traffic* So, if you bundle all the different media types together (TV, radio, newspaper, social,etc.) 1/3 of the “referral pie” goes to social media. THAT'S HUGE! Additionally, more than 1 in 3 internet users say they go to their social networks when looking for more information on a brand or product.**

How can you start achieving a presence on social media, and not leave potential dollars on the table? Here are a few tips below.

Tips for Getting Referral Traffic Using Social Media

  • Set up a Facebook Business Page. It’s a super-effective communication method for your brand.

  • Once you’ve set up a page, tell all your friends! Leverage your current network, and ask them to help you get the word out about your business.

  • Show your brand consistently.

  • Respond to people with inquiries on your Facebook page. Every interaction is an opportunity to gain customers.

  • Review your budget. If you aren’t willing to put a budget behind it you won’t do it.

Need more help? This Friday is ‘FREE Help Friday’ at Jabberhead. Message or email us a question about social media – and we’ll help your business get started or improve on your results. We may ask you a few questions to really pin down an answer in order to help you leverage the best social media tactics. Is there something you really want to know or need help with, but you don’t know where to find the answer? You’re one message away.

We love what we do,

* Forbes

**Small Business Trends

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