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Nationally recognized holidays are perfect opportunities for businesses to market themselves to existing and potential customers. Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18th) is a perfect example, and here are a few ideas to inspire you!.. Sentimental Social…

Create a video of memories of your dad, including great nuggets of advice he gave you. This is a great, relatable share for social media that will resonate with viewers. Any time you can engage your audience with content that has personal meaning for them, you’re likely to obtain customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Develop a Father’s Day Hashtag and run a contest on Social...

Create a special hashtag (#dadmemories or #dadsayings, for example) for your business and ask your audience to post pictures or comments of their dads, using the hashtag, with the winner receiving a gift card, company merchandise or a discount off a future purchase. More ideas…

  • Ask your audience to tag a dad who deserves a shout-out and a discount.

  • Ask your followers to supply their favorite #dadjoke in the comments under your post.

  • Add a comment with a favorite memory of their dad.

  • Post a #throwback photo of yourself with your dad, or of a new baby in the family.

Have a product to sell?...

Announce a discount for fathers in advance of Father’s Day - and when Dad comes in to redeem the coupon or gift certificate - Surprise him - with with a mystery discount on a purchase or a future purchase. He'll love the surprise and you will love the repeat business!

Get Creative with a Dad-inspired Theme...

Even if your business doesn’t specialize in products or services that are “dad-” focused, you can get creative with your promotions to make them “father-ish”. For example…

  • Join forces with a local restaurant and do a joint promo or giveaway for a special meal discount or gift certificate - you can cross-promote each other to both your audiences on social media to gain new potential customers who didn’t know about you.

  • Design or furniture businesses can raffle off a “man-cave” makeover (painting, interior design, furniture, etc.)

  • Bakery or ice cream businesses can encourage dads and their children to purchase discounted sport-themed cookies or desserts for their Father’s Day celebrations.

The trick is to plan ahead and generate some buzz for your promotion well before the actual date arrives. So, get planning, and enjoy your Father’s Day with your family!

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