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Legendary Selfies To Up Your Game


Selfies...From the truly awe-inspiring to the cringeworthy, we’ve seen all kinds. Want to improve yours? We have some tips on how to take and post the BEST selfies! Business owners, take note! Because a great selfie from a satisfied customer means great word-of-mouth and buzz for your business!

Show off the new you!... Does your client love their new haircut, your customer love their new whiter smile, your patron want to show themselves with their favorite dinner? Ask your customer to share it in a selfie, and give them a free sample for giving you props. To change it up - jump in with your client on occasional selfies.

The “rule of thirds”... Placing your face in the top right or top left corner of the frame can be far more compelling than placing it right in the center (hint: no driver’s license photos please!.)

Shoot from above, vary your poses… No one wants a double chin in their selfie! To minimize or (hopefully) remove it, slightly extend your neck forward, and shoot from above. Raise your camera slightly above your head and look up to accentuate the jaw. Change up your poses and take several shots to choose from!

Check out the background!... What good is a gorgeous selfie if the background contains someone blowing their nose? Well you get the picture….Be sure your background is appropriate and doesn’t draw attention away from the subject (you!). Find a neutral-colored wall, a beautiful piece of artwork, or your sign to use as your selfie background.

Does the business have a “selfie station”?... Many businesses do this now. Perhaps a mirror and a chair where you can take pictures? Some even add a decal or sticker onto the mirror so the selfie has an automatic “watermark” - smart!

Lighting is important!...When taking a selfie in front of a window, your camera may adjust for the bright outdoor light by making the picture too dark. Don’t be a shadow! Take selfies using great lighting that showcases your hair as well as your smile. Try turning towards the window to enjoy natural, but indirect, light from the window. Or, switch up photo filters to find the best look for your environment.

Posting the winning shot!...Use a # for your business (#businessname and #businessnameselfie). Ask if there is a particular hashtag your business likes using. Posting with tags to the business helps build word-of-mouth referrals. And, who doesn't want a referral? Other fun hashtag examples: #selfie #selfiinspiration… get creative and have fun with it!

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